Thursday, July 15, 2010

Least Expensive Cars of 2010

Looking for cheap wheels? Here they are -- the least-expensive 2010 cars on sale in America. (All prices are MSRP (sticker price) plus destination charge.) The Cars test team has driven all of these cheap cars, and this list will tell you which are the real deals -- and which are the real duds.
1. Hyundai Accent Blue, $10,690
"Hyundai Accent"Photo © Hyundai

Last year, Hyundai chopped the price of the Accent to undercut Nissan's Versa (see below) by $20, but you had to buy a more expensive model in order to get any options. The price is unchanged for 2010, but you can now add air conditioning for an extra $1,000, although you'll still have to buy the pricier Accent GS if you want a stereo or automatic transmission. Hyundai has tweaked the powertrain for better fuel economy -- hence the name change from "GS Base" to "Blue" -- but they've also limited color choices to blue (of course), white, and shades of gray. The Accent is good fun to drive in a back-to-basics sort of way, but the lack of advanced safety features and mediocre crash test scores make it difficult to justify.

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